Friday, 15 May 2009

XT 20 Cross Trainer

This week has been another busy week for us all at Sportsart UK.
The week started off with me driving to Durham to deliver training to the PE staff at Durham Johnson School on their new Sportsart cardio. This is a great part of the job for me as I get to go right back to my routes and deliver training on fitness kit (its were it all started for me). It still amazes me how far we have come as an industry and yet how little has changed in some respects in 22 years!!
Facilities are now fantastic in the range and specification of kit offered, the kit has made giant steps in function and aesthetics. Yet I still find the same doubts and misconceptions in people regarding training in a gym which underlines a lack of education with in the vast majority of the population. Its great to see facilities being developed in schools as this is the place where the education can really start.The team at Durham Johnson are looking to maximise the facility they have including fitness testing, which is a great way to get kids finding out more about what makes the body work and what affects exercise has on them.
My second trip up to Durham on Wednesday was to show a potential client around two of our show piece installations East Durham College and the Radission Hotel.
East Durham College is always a great place to visit as the staff are very knowledgeable, always look happy to be in the gym and the facility is kept immaculate - it's a credit to all involved. Dirk had made the trip up from London to view our kit as they are looking at new cardio for their facility. Meeting people with a passion and depth of knowledge of training is always a bonus for me and it was evident that Dirk was one of those people. I am hopeful that we will be seeing our kit in their facility in the near future as Dirk seemed to be impressed with the features and designs of our kit, especially the XT20. The XT20 is a fantastic machine for all levels of fitness and abilities allowing the user to have a complete body workout on one machine. Plus the resistance levels are independent for the arms and legs, allowing you to tailor the workout to the individual.

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  1. It's great to hear about the positive things that are happening with your clients Mark.
    Keep up the great energy!!!!!