Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Get Connected

Whilst travelling back from a meeting yesterday I was turning over one of my good friend Joe's ideas about taking coffee with clients or potential clients I thought about how we can translate this into the gym environment.
What struck me is that when running the gym the time to just pop out for coffee is limited so why not invite clients in to see you.
So look at the week and select a quiet time then design your event.
Once a time and day is selected put together an invite and hand them out personally to your chosen clients inviting them to join you.
The event could be an instructor led programme lasting 45 Min's with the emphasis on having fun, get some good tunes going and lots of smiles and masses of energy!!!
Aim to leave at least 15 minutes for coffee or juice and how about some healthy flapjack (better if homemade - recipe coming soon) and sit back and chat to your guests.

Push this for at least six weeks - don't forget it was a quiet time!! keep handing out the invites and get staff to start to create a buzz about the session. If you have staff in at the time get them involved in the workout!!! When it starts to get busy look at another day and time and start again.
The cost is very little and the benefits can be huge.
Try it and let me know how you get on

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  1. The homemade flapjack recipe is killer - I have personally sampled several batches to make sure of its quality..........