Tuesday, 12 May 2009

First Blog - why ride

With a busy week behind me and another scheduled, with a long time sat behind the wheel, even the high winds couldn't dent my need to get out on the bike (that and a shinny new saddle to test).

Dropping Matt off for cubs gave me 1.5hrs to blow the cobwebs off. I was soon gaining altitude enjoying the climb up onto the moors on twisty back roads.

Its easy to forget how lucky we are and the countryside around Burnley is stunning offering cyclists unlimited potential for great rides.

The downside of being on the moors is that you are exposed to the elements. After leaving the windfarm and heading back to the splended Townley Hall to collect Matt the wind was so strong it almost stopped me in my tracks and at one point I was trying to work out just how far I could lean into the wind before gravity took over.
So why ride? Each of us will have our own reasons but a dramatic sky and stunning views is'nt a bad reason to be out on a bike!!

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