Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Installation joys!!!!

Easy Riders Paul on the left Dave on the right
Very steep and narrow

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny with Dave, Paul and myself starting out on the long drive to central London to install our cardio into Lifesmart, a very upmarket club.
We had nine pieces of cardio which included two treadmills, two ellipticals, two XT20's upright cycles, recumbent cycles and a stepper to carry up these steps!!!!
Oh and then we had two treadmills, two ellipticals an upright and recumbent cycle to bring down.
By 6.30 we had completed the moving in and out of the kit plus built the treadmills up, an elliptical and the stepper leaving us just the building up and placing of the kit on Tuesday.

After a brief walk to the hotel we headed off for a Chinese meal, this was very much deserved and the beers just hit the spot. Three very tired guys resisted the temptations of the big city and headed back for an early night.

Tuesday morning we were back to finish the job. By mid day we had completed the install and positioned the kit, making the most of the room size and features. Dave is really getting into how the kit should be laid out and after a few changes we were both happy to bring the client in to sign off.

The smile on their faces made the hard work worth while and the comments were fantastic.

All that was left was for Dave to drive us back up the motorway and get us home safe and sound.

The gym looked fantastic and the effort Dave and Paul put in was awesome many thanks to them.


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  2. Hey,Mark; where are the handsome guys!!?? you shall take higher resolution pictures!

  3. Vance both dave and paul tell me they are handsome guys!!!!
    I need to buy a good digital camera for sure

  4. Pretty cool! I wish I could afford something like a recumbent bike or a treadmill. Either way, I don't envy having to bring it up and down flights of stairs, kudos!